How We Work

Whether you are looking to start out as self employed, set up a new company or already running a business we’re here to help you.

For anyone starting a new business we can look after all your set up requirements:

  • Registration as self employed
  • Registration as an employer
  • Registration for VAT

For those involved in the Construction Industry we can handle your registration as a contractor and sub-contractor.

Once your business is up and running we provide all the services you need - from bookkeeping services to monthly or quarterly HMRC submissions. Many of our clients have come to us after they have set up in business as they have found that the time they spend on bookkeeping and filing returns is keeping them from the important matter of growing their business.

How do we work?

We work in whatever way suits our clients! Our local clients drop into our office with their paperwork. Clients from further afield send us their records via email or file sharing services such as DropBox or YouSendIt. 


Some clients need to have access to the accounting records which means we need to use networked software. That’s no problem – we are happy to use whichever accounting software a client prefers.